Electric Water Pumps
Boat Hut Australia has large range of electric water pumps designed for a variety of applications:

Pressure pumps
Wash down kits
Submersible pumps
Submersible water pumps
Inline pumps
12 volt water pump
24 volt water pump
Marine electric water pump
Caravan electric water pump
RV Pumps
Some pumps can handle both water and Diesel applications

Boat Hut’s range of manufacturer’s include Whale, Rule, SPX Johnson, Flojet, Shurflo and  Jabsco. We also have access to a comprehensive range of spare parts for all our pumps including 12V water pump, pressure pumps, submersible pumps and submersible water pumps . Boat Hut has a wide range of Boat and Marine accessories and we ship Australia wide. We are happy to order in any specialist product from our suppliers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like a product not listed on our website. Our range includes electric water pumps that have a variety of capacity, size, voltage, connections, outlets, freshwater, grey water, black water, salt water, wash down kits and in some models can actually handle diesel. Boat Hut stocks electric water pumps that can handle from 4 litres per minute up to 27 litre per minute.
Submersible Pumps
Whale submersible pumps are a compact and highly efficient centrifugal pump designed to be dropped into a water tank or container, this submersible pump has a built-in strainer to prevent suspended particles from entering the system. Suitable for freshwater,salt water and diesel transfer. Constructed from ABS plastic, stainless steel and nitrile rubber. Rule offer a dual function electric water pump that offers both fully submersible and in-line pump capabilities. These multipurpose electric water pumps have many applications in the boating, caravan, industrial, agricultural and general fields. They offer the following features and wide variety of uses. For boating its services as an in-line fresh water pump, emergency bilge pump, saltwater deck wash/shower pump. In general applications it is an ideal portable pump that will pump many types of chemicals including diesel and can serve as a freshwater delivery from a tank or stream in a caravan or camping application. The Jabsco, SPX Johnson and Shurflo ranges have extensive ranges of 12 volt and 24 volt water pumps with and without wash down kits. Whale have a number of reasonably priced submersible pumps as well as a variety of fresh water and grey water pumps in 12 V and 24 V.
Outboard Parts
We stock a comprehensive range of water pump kits, kits with and without housing and other outboard parts.

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Attwood Tsunami Head Aerator Spray 19mm
$10.30 $8.96 inc GST
Attwood Tsunami Hose Tail 90 Deg Aerator Pumps
$6.50 $5.66 inc GST
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Electro-magnetic clutch, 12 V Twin x A pulley
$315.00 $274.05 inc GST
Sale Placeholder
Electro-magnetic clutch, 12 V Twin x B pulley
$320.00 $278.40 inc GST
Sale Placeholder
Electro-magnetic clutch, 24 V Twin x A pulley
$331.00 $287.97 inc GST
Sale Placeholder
Electro-magnetic clutch, 24 V Twin x B pulley
$352.00 $306.24 inc GST
Sale Flojet FJ100 water pump 12 volt
Flojet Water pump 03526144 FJ100 – 12 volt OEM
$132.00 $114.00 inc GST
Sale Placeholder
Hatch Suit Johnson Live Bait Tank
$187.00 $162.69 inc GST
Head Aerator Spray Valve 90 Deg
$24.50 $21.32 inc GST
Water Pressure Gauge
Holman Pressure Gauge
$20.00 inc GST
Hose Fitting 1/2 Inch Quick Connect External
$7.21 $6.27 inc GST
Hose Fitting 1/2 Inch Quick Connect Internal
$2.30 $2.00 inc GST
Sale jabsco par max 1 pressure water pump 12 Volt
Jabsco Par Max 1 – 12 Volt 42630-2900
$145.00 $105.00 inc GST
Sale Jabsco Par Max 4 12 volt pressure water pump
Jabsco Par Max 4 – 12 Volt 31620-0092
$312.00 $250.00 inc GST
Sale Jabsco Par Max 2.9 Pressure Pump 31395-0092 Jabsco Pumps
Jabsco Par-Max 2.9 GPM Pressure Pump 12 Volt 31395-0092
$154.80 $122.00 inc GST

In stock

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Live Bait O/Flow Plumbing Kit Johnson
$102.00 $88.74 inc GST
Sale Placeholder
Live Bait Tank Kit Johnson 30 L
$301.00 $261.87 inc GST
Sale Placeholder
Live Bait Tank Only Johnson
$98.40 $85.61 inc GST
Live-well Aerator Control Panel
$271.00 $235.77 inc GST
Livewell Panel Switch 2 Way 12 Volt SPX Johnson
$76.70 $66.73 inc GST