Boat Fenders

Boat Hut Australia has a large range of boat fenders to suit all requirements for all size vessels and we ship fenders all around Australia. As a boat fenders supplier – Boat Hut’s range includes Dan-Fender, Majoni, Supfend, Castro, BLA and a large range of fender accessories. Boat Hut’s range includes inflatable, flat foam, dock wheels, corner and moulded fenders and accessories include baskets, covers, hanger clips and inflation pumps. Fenders coming in a variety of sizes ranging from 125 mm x 450 mm to 380 mm x 1370 mm. Fenders come in a range of colours and styles to suit all tastes and preferences.
Dock Fenders
Dock fenders protect your craft from costly damage and make docking easier and safer, boat fenders transform hazardous wharf edges into soft safe zones. To ensure optimum performance of fenders ensure that you use the correct pressure and do not under inflate or over inflate the fenders. Dock wheels are designed to protect and guide your boat while manoeuvring in and out of your Marina berth this product is best located on the corner or “blind spot” and many boat owners are also locating them at intervals up the length of their Marina. Their capacity to protect and move with your boat is unrivalled. The wheels non-marking and consists of a sealed one-piece rotationally moulded tyre made of marine grade PVC with special ultrahigh UV resistant additives to prevent perishing under our severe Australian sunlight and climate. We carry a large range of fender covers designed to protect your boat fenders against wear and tear. Helps prevent annoying squeaking noises and hull rub marks. Available to suit a wide range of sizes, including balloon, and most are fully machine washable.
Flat Fenders
Foam flat boat fenders are closed cell foam fenders that will not absorb oils or water and are ideal for flat stacking, they are tough and lightweight. Protect your valuable asset with non-marking boat fenders, they are designed for long life and require no inflation and will not puncture or deflate. They are shock absorbent and easily handled and they will not mark painted surfaces. Children can even play in the water with them – they are durable, high elasticity, waterproof and light.

Boat Hut – Boat Fenders Supplier shipping Australia wide.