Mercruiser Stalling when Shifted Fix

Does your MerCruiser stall when you shift?

This will tell you why.

Stalled Boat

== Steps ==

#Read your engine owners manual and all safety precautions.

#Turn off your boats battery switch or disconnect the battery.

#Remove your prop.

#Turn on your battery switch or reconnect your battery.

#Hook up a hose with a flushette if you are going to start the motor out of the water.

#Make sure the drive and engine have a good water supply.

#Start your engine. Make sure you have a water supply to the drive and/or motor.

#Let the engine warm up at idle.

#Keep an eye on your gauges.

#Make sure your water is flowing through the engine and coming out the exhaust.

#Make sure that all people are clear of the drive and propeller shaft.

#Shift into forward gear.

#Shift back into neutral.

#Shift into reverse.

#Shift back into neutral.

#Did the engine stall?

#If the engine stalled chances are very good that you have a sticking shift cable to the drive.

#Replace the shift cable to the drive unit and retest.

#Cable replacement instructions can be found at

== Tips ==

*You can not lube or free-up the cable.
*A faulty shift interruptor switch will cause difficult shifting, not stalling.
*Once a drive shift cable causes stalling, it must be replaced.
*Damage injury or death can occur should your boat stall while maneuvering near a dock or other boats.
*If the engine stalls when pulling into neutral it does NOT mean your shift interruptor switch is bad.
*Damage to your drives clutch and shifting components can occur if the cable is bad and you keep using the boat.
*A bad shift cable to the drive can cause the engine to stall.

== Warnings ==
*Read your owners manual and all safety precautions.
*Keep clear of all moving parts.
*Remove your prop if running the engine out of the water.

== Sources and Citations ==

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