Seastar Short Stoke Cylinder HC5445-3

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Front mount cylinder – standard

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Seastar Short Stroke Cylinder – standard HC5445-3

The NEW SeaStar Outboard Steering Cylinder SeaStar Solutions, the leader in hydraulic and mechanical marine steering, has introduced a new outboard hydraulic cylinder featuring upgrades to the barrel, sealing system and fittings. These upgrades are designed to keep pace with the introduction of heavier higher horsepower engines found on today’s new boats.


• Independent engine tilt for twin/triple engine installations

• Easy steering

• Suitable for use with all SeaStar Helms & SeaStar Power Assist

• Varying lock to lock turn ratio, dependant on helm selection

• State of the art proprietary sealing system offers excellent resistance to repeated compression set and is designed to better withstand the harsh environment

• Stainless steel adjustable O-Ring (ORB) fitting for easier installation


  • Honda 225-250HP 4 Stroke outboard engines 2001-
  • BF200-250
  • 8.34 Cubic inches in volume capacity
  • 1.375 bore dia
  • HS5157 SEAL KIT



APPLICATION GUIDE – Single Engine (Normal Use) Prior to selecting a cylinder from this application guide, please refer to our order guide to ensure that you are selecting the correct cylinder for your engine/boat.

Force1985 TO DATE90-150HPHC5345-3 
Honda1996 TO DATE75-90HPHC5345-3 
1998 TO 2009115-130HPHC5347-3 
1998 TO DATE30-50HPHC5345-3See Note 1
2001 TO DATEBF200-250HC5445-3 
2003 TO DATEBF135HPHC5345-3 
2010 TO DATE115HPHC5345-3 
Johnson / Evinrude1977 TO 199065-300HPHC5348-3 
1988 TO 1997250-300HP V8HC5342-3 
1991 TO DATE40-300HPHC5345-3Inc. ETech
1996 TO DATE75-250HP FICHTHC5345-3 
1998 TO DATE40-140HP 4-STROKEHC5358-3See Note 1
2000 TO DATE115HP FICHTHC5358-3See Note 1
2002 TO DATE200-225HP 4-STROKEHC5345-3 
2007 TO DATE3.3L/3.4L 200-250HPHC5345-3Inc. H.O. Models
Mercury1984 TO 19942.4/2.5HP EFIHC5345-3See Note 2
1989 TO DATE75-300HPHC5345-3 
1998 TO DATE30-60HPHC5345-3See Note 1
2003 TO DATE115-300HP XSHC6345-3See Note 3
2004 TO DATE150-200HP VERADOHC5345-3See Note 4, 5
Nissan1990 TO DATE90-140HPHC5345-3 
Suzuki1986 TO DATE100HPHC5345-3 
1986 TO 2002115-140HPHC5345-3NOT 1996
1986 TO DATE150-300HP 2 & 4 STROKEHC5345-3 
1996 ONLY115-140HPHC5348-3 
1998 TO DATE40-140HP 4-STROKEHC5358-3See Note 1
Yamaha1990-200340-90 HP 2-STROKEHC5345-3See Note 1
1986-DATE100-300 HP 2-STROKEHC5345-3 
1997-DATE80-250 HP 4-StrokeHC5345-3 
2000-DATE150-300 HPDIHC5345-3 
2003-DATE25-70 HP 4-StrokeHC5348-3See Note 1
2007-DATE200-300 HP 4.2L V6 4-StrokeHC5345-3 
2007-DATEF300-F350 HP 5.3V8HC5345-3See Note 4

NOTES: 1. Requires spacer kit HO5090. 2. May require extensive cowling modifications. 3. MUST use High Strength Tiller bolt, part # HA5822. Refer to the Notice on this page identifying the high strength bolt. 4. Optional cylinder part # HC5358. Slight interference may occur when using the HC5358, with the engine in the full tilt position. 5. Cylinder part # HC5358 may also be used in these single engine applications, please see note #4 for interference concerns. NOTICES:  width=High Strength Tiller bolt, part# HA5822. ALL cylinders shipped after June 1st, 2007 will have this bolt included in the cylinder package. Front Mount Cylinder part# HC5345-3 is included in the SeaStar Outboard Steering Kits HK6400A-3/HK63xxA-3. If your engine requires the use of a cylinder other than the HC5345-3 (see application guides) you will need to purchase the individual components (helm, cylinder, hoses, etc.) separately. CAUTION: SeaStar Solutions® recommends the use of SeaStar PRO (1500 psi) Kevlar steering hoses with SeaStar PRO Helms.   APPLICATION GUIDE – Twin Engine (Normal Use) Prior to selecting a cylinder from this application guide, please refer to our order guide to ensure that you are selecting the correct cylinder for your engine/boat.

Twin Engine Single Cyl.Twin Engine Dual Cyl.
Force1985 TO DATE90-150HPHC5345-3HO5008AHO5008A 
Honda1996 TO DATE75-90HPHC5345-3HO6001HO6002See Note 3
1998 TO 2009115-130HPHC5347-3HO5063HO5064See Note 5
1998 TO DATE30-50HPHC5345-3HO6001HO6002See Note 2
2001 TO DATE150HP 4-STROKEHC5345-3N/AHO6002See Note 7
2001 TO DATE225-250HP 4-STROKEHC5445-3HO6001HO6002 
2003 TO DATEBF135HPHC5345-3HO6003HO6002 
2010 TO DATE115HPHC5345-3HO6003HO6002See Note 7
Johnson / Evinrude1977 TO 199065-300HPHC5348-3HO6003HO6002 
1988 TO 1997250-300HP V8HC5342-3HO5001AHO5030See Note 5
1991 TO DATE40-300HPHC5345-3HO6003HO6002Inc. ETech Engines
1996 TO DATE75-250HP FICHTHC5345-3HO6003HO6002 
1998 TO DATE40-140HP 4-STROKEHC5358-3HO6003HO6002See Note 2
2000 TO DATE115HP FICTHC5358-3HO6003HO6002See Note 2
2002 TO DATE200-225HP 4-STROKEHC5345-3HO6003HO6002 
2005 TO DATEE250 DPX VINDICATORHC5348-3HO6003HO6002 
2007 TO DATE3.3L/3.4L 200-250HPHC5345-3HO6003HO6002Inc. H.O. Models.
Mercury1984 TO 19942.4/2.5HP EFIHC5345-3HO6001HO6002See Note 4
1989 TO DATE75-300HPHC5345-3HO6001HO6002See Note 3
1996 TO DATE75-200HP 2 & 4-STROKEHC5345-3HO6001HO6002 
1998 TO DATE30-60HPHC5345-3HO6001HO6002See Note 2
2002 TO 2003225HP 4-STROKEHC5358-3HO6001HO6002See Note 1
2003 TO DATE150-200XSMUST Use Tournament Cylinders.
2003 TO DATE250-300 HP XSMUST Use Tournament Cylinders.
2004 TO DATE150-200HP VERADOHC5345-3HO6001HO6002 
Nissan1990 TO DATE90-140HPHC5345-3HO6001HO6002 
Suzuki1986 TO DATE100HPHC5345-3HO6003HO6002 
1986 TO 2002115-140HPHC5345-3HO6001HO6002NOT 1996
1986 TO DATE150-300HP 2 & 4 STROKEHC5345-3HO6003HO6002 
1996 ONLY115-140HPHC5348-3HO6001HO6002 
1998 TO DATE40-140HP 4-STROKEHC5358-3HO6003HO6002See Note 2
2003 TO DATE90HP 4-STROKEHC5358-3HO6003HO6002See Note 2
2013 TO DATEDF150 – DF175 HPHC5345-3HO6001HO6002 
Yamaha1986 TO DATE100-250HP 2-STROKEHC5345-3HO6001HO6002 
1986 TO DATE40-90HPHC5345-3HO6003HO6002 
2000-DATE150-300 HPDIHC5345-3HO6001HO6002 
2001 TO 200380-250HP 4-STROKEHC5358-3HO6001HO6002See Note 1
2003 TO DATEF200-F250 3.3LHC5358-3HO6001HO6002 
2003 TO DATE25-70HP 4-STROKEHC5348-3HO6003HO6002 
2007 TO DATE200-300HP 4.2L V6 4-STROKEHC5345-3HO6001HO6002See Note 2
2007 TO DATEF300-F350 HP 5.3V8MUST use Tournament Cylinders 

NOTES: 1. HC5345 is optional for SINGLE ENGINE ONLY applications. DO NOT use HC5345 for Twin engine applications as operational interference may occur. 2. Requires kit HO5090. 3. Minimum engine center = 27?. 4. May require extensive cowling modifications. 5. HO5030 and HO5064 comes without tie-bar. 6. One cylinder per engine. Must use Mercury supplied tiller bolt for installation. 7. Interference will occur when using a single HC5345 cylinder and HO6003 tiebar when installed in the aft hole on the steering arm. Options include: +++a) install tiebar into most forward hole (this will limit steering articulation), +++b) purchase K-6 Cylinder, and tiebar kit part # HO5009. There will no be no interference when using twin HC5345 cylinders. NOTICE: HO6001, HO6002 and HO6003 are for engine centers up to 36?. For wider engine centers please contact SeaStar Solutions Technical Support.

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